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Wednesday 17 Jan 2018
You are here: Home CREW INSURANCE Group Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance

Why buy Health Insurance Coverage?

The professional yacht crew needs dependable coverage worldwide, that’s tailored to their needs. Group major medical plans cover all crew members working on the yacht, and on their leisure time. The group plan acts primary to the vessel’s Protection & Indemnity insurance, (P & I), and covers for both accidents and illnesses.



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However, the P & I insurance is not a major medical insurance plan that offers coverage for both accidents and illnesses worldwide, and it is in the owner’s best interest to offer health insurance for the crew. It reduces the liability, and has a positive impact on the P & I insurance, since medical claims will be filed directly to the health insurance company.

Affordable Health Insurance
The group plan is easy to administer, and very affordable! As the crew members change on the yacht, the new crew member can be easily added on to the group plan, and the crew member who left the yacht, can be taken off. The crew member who no longer is working on the yacht is now eligible to apply for the individual crew major medical plan.